Let’s play a garbage game!

I never thought I would ever hear these words out loud in my adult life. Boy, was I wrong. Two weeks after moving to a student dorm, we had an “orientation” which was a long lecture on rules, regulations and a favourite topic of dispute among Germans- GARBAGE.

Separating garbage in Germany and figuring out which one suits your current need, is even harder than figuring out the bloody cases while speaking the language. Especially, when you’re from the so-called third world, who all their lives never had to deal with such a phenomenon.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what these Dear Leiblings are doing for the world, and recycling every possible thing, but playing a game on “Where does the toothpaste go?” on a wednesday night is kind of depressing. Especially when you could be like doing a zillion more interesting things.

Nevertheless, it was a hilarious but informative experience. And we even got free food after, so I can’t complain much. I have a lot of respect for this country, and their mannerisms (albeit a little extreme at time). It just makes you feel like such a piece of shit for not following the rules all your life.

I think it also makes you so mindful when you cook or buy something, cause you always plan the consumption ahead of time. Back home, I’d most certainly always order or cook more than I could consume and end up wasting so much more. On the flip side, you don’t really have anyone to give away the extra food. In India, if you make more than you can consume, you can always find a homeless person willing to eat the extra sandwich.  If not, you’ll most certainly find a stray dog in your neighbourhood that’s so happy to be fed.

The culturist (if that word exists) in me sees this also as a small exercise in Individualism Vs. Collectivism. If you want to read more on how countries differ culturally based on objective parameters, you can find the same here: Hofstede National Cultural Dimensions

I know I’ve gotten way off-topic here, but I’ll be back soon with a photo essay on a lovely tiny city I visited recently, and absolutely adored. Bis später!

One thought on “Let’s play a garbage game!

  1. Homeless and poor people can get food at special welfare places, therefore they are not begging for food in the street normally, if so they normally want cash. Unfortunately more and more people are in such miserable situation in Germany, but it is no visible. Take care!


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