Versatile Blogger Award!

Hello there, lovely readers.

It’s always good to hear appreciative words from fellow readers. I generally even take criticism seriously and try to work on content that is as enriching for you to read as it is for me to write.

For the same reason, it is so encouraging when your fellow blogging community decides to honor you with the Versatile Blogger Award. Many thanks to the talented photographer and blogger, Alex’s Planet in Pictures.

Below are 7 facts about myself and a selection of upcoming bloggers who deserve your time!

Fun Facts 

  • I am obsessed with horoscopes and also read Tarot cards
  • I was addicted to tea for a very long time
  • I have been to 13 countries
  • I speak two languages (English, Hindi) fluently and currently learning a third (German)
  • I love collecting unique and vintage jewellery
  • I have seen almost every vampire TV series that exists
  • I am currently doing my second Masters in Development Economics (don’t ask why)

Fun Bloggers

Be sure to check these guys out!

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