Day Trip to Rothenburg

November 8, 2016

Last sunday morning, I was all excited to visit a small medieval village (okay, maybe town) an hour away from Erlangen, with a population of barely over 10,000. I was corrected very quickly, that the highway was a part of ‘traditional Franconia’ and not ‘Bavaria’, even though technically it is a part of modern day Bavaria (hides herself). Just this one day alone, made me understand so much more about the history of the state I’m presently in. It was pleasantly surprising cause in the East, we never read so much about Western empires except major wars and revolutions. Being able to see, how people lived a thousand years ago and why they built the houses or churches, or town halls the way they did, really does enrich your travel.


Anne, aka the Medieval Goddess, was kind enough to tell us plenty of tales along the way which made this day even more fun. For more than a few times, I wanted to turn back time and go back to the 16th century just to fully absorb what I was seeing. It also made me wonder, ten centuries from now, when we’re all dead and returned to earth or sky or dust or whatever, there’ll be people having the same thoughts about the decisions we’re taking now. We barely even realise it, but we are creating history each day as we move forward. The impact of our decisions not only shapes the next decade or so, but often can be felt many centuries later.

I would love to some how relate these pearls of wisdom to the US election, knowing fully well how important today is for that nation. But I say, let the people decide. We’ll see when we see, and who knows how the history made today impacts the world?

Until next time, darlings!



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Mel & Suan November 8, 2016 - 6:45 pm

Between the 1200s-1500s, Germany was comprised of roughly 300 small and large princely states + the occasional “free” city – ie independent – such as this one!

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